Welcome to the Application Portal for Kindergarten and SFO

New application for SFO or Kindergarten
If you are entered in the National Registry as resident in Hammerfest Municipality, it is important that you log in with «ID-porten» before you start your application. This is to verify that the National Registry information on you and your family is correct, and to be able to enter correct contact information (phone number and e-mail address). This also applies to applications to transfer to a different kindergarten.

Should you not currently be entered in the National Registry as resident i Hammerfest Municipality, you need to apply without loggin in. When applying without logging in, you need to log in after sending the application to enter your contact information.

To start a new application, select Apply for kindergarten placement or Apply for SFO placement from the meny above.

Offers of kindergarten, school or after school placements are sent out via Digipost or Altinn.

Change active application
To change an active application, you have to log in with «ID-porten»

Change, cancel current placement
To change or cancel a current placement, you have to log in with «ID-porten»